Adam Eisenberg Interviews Randy Cook

Randy Cook with Ray Harryhausen

VFX Voice has published a terrific interview with legendary animator Randy Cook, by the equally legendary Adam Eisenberg. Adam spent many years with Cinefex, writing articles including the magazine’s definitive coverage of the original Ghostbusters. The interview is lavishly illustrated with photographs from Randy’s personal archive.

Here’s what Adam says about Randy in one of his introductory paragraphs:

The Khazad-Dûm sequence represents just one of the many contributions Cook made as Animation Supervisor on The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It also demonstrates how his cinematic career has served as a bridge between the stop- motion techniques that brought the original King Kong to life and the modern motion capture technology that made possible the hobbit-gone-mad Gollum. Along the way, Cook has won three Academy Awards, but he is most proud of his close friendship with effects master Ray Harryhausen.

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