Coming Soon — The Illusion Almanac Covers The Matrix Resurrections

The Illusion Almanac: Creating The Matrix Resurrections

Join me in 2022 as I journey down the rabbit hole to explore the mind-bending visual effects of The Matrix Resurrections. Issue 2 of The Illusion Almanac features in-depth interviews with production visual effects supervisor Dan Glass and supervisors from the primary visual effects vendors — DNEG, Framestore, One of Us, BUF, RISE and Turncoat Pictures — plus volumetric capture providers Volucap, screen graphics specialists Studio C and linguist Andrew Glass who expanded the classic Matrix code set.

Out March 2022, this latest issue of The Illusion Almanac will be available to download for Kindle from Amazon sites around the world.

Stay tuned for more news soon!

Post edited 2nd March 2022 with updated interviewee list and cover image.

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