Mad God: The Feature — New Trailer Release

Mad God by Phil Tippett

Mad God Productions just released the teaser trailer for Phil Tippett’s upcoming feature Mad God, a stop-motion animated epic that hauls viewers into a hallucinatory dream world populated with nightmare creatures and a cataclysmically insane deity. The film debuts August 2021 at Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland.

In 2014, in an exclusive interview for Cinefex, Mad God creator Phil Tippett spoke to me about the original Mad God – the first in a series of short films that have since evolved into a full feature-length production. Read the full interview here.

The final form of Mad God isn’t the film itself, but the memory after you watch it. It’s bringing you to that moment just after waking up from a dream, frozen, exploring fragments of your feral mind before they fade back into the shadows. That’s the moment. Mad God is just a way to get you there.

Phil Tippett

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