Coming Soon — The Illusion Almanac Covers Godzilla vs Kong

The Illusion Almanac 1 - Creating Godzilla vs Kong

Take a sneak peek at the cover of the first full-scale issue of The Illusion Almanac. Out May 2021, this brand new publication will delve into the making of Godzilla vs Kong, the hit Warner Brothers film directed by Adam Wingard.

With its focused look at the film’s design, cinematography and effects, The Illusion Almanac: Creating Godzilla vs Kong features in-depth interviews with production designer Owen Paterson, plus the concept design teams at Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. and Legacy Effects.

Special effects supervisor Mike Meinardus describes the creation of the movie’s massive practical on-set effects, while director of photography Ben Seresin and production visual effects supervisor John ‘DJ’ DesJardin discuss the challenges of bringing the film’s battling behemoths to the screen.

Expanding on the spectacular imagery of Godzilla vs Kong, the visual effects teams at Scanline VFX, Weta Digital, MPC and Luma share the secrets of their craft.

The Illusion Almanac: Creating Godzilla vs Kong also charts the cinematic history of the giant ape Kong and the fire-breathing lizard Godzilla, a heritage going back to the original 1933 film King Kong, directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, and Godzilla, also known as Gojira, first released in 1954 and directed by Ishirô Honda.

Stay tuned for further details as the publication date approaches!

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